T2 has partnered with a Denver-Area 3CX Gold Partner who knows and understand the power and functionality of the 3CX Platform. We also have access to better pricing and better engineering staff as a result of our partner’s commitment to the platform. Call us today for more information and feel free to browse around our site and let us know if you have questions or need some live help! Contact Us

T2 has been at the cutting edge (okay, sometimes the bleeding edge ) of VoIP deployments – implementing early VoIP technology as far back as 1999. This means we have earned the right to call ourselves VoIP Experts – and 3CX is the managed VoIP solution we have settled upon. Our team implements solutions that fit the customer – we are agnostic on the equipment you use, and the 3CX platform will allow you to continue evolving your premise equipment, WITHOUT the need to overhaul the routing and functionality built over time. In today’s version of VoIP, there are so many options and functionality both on the PBX’s and on the phones themselves, that it is mind-boggling. Just because you “can” do anything doesn’t necessarily mean you should try every technology and every option out of the gate. We encourage you to keep it simple at the outset and evolve into the intricacy that fits your operation. Implementing 3CX does not need to be complicated. In fact, we believe that complicating a solution is a recipe for disaster. In our experience, keeping it simple is an unspoken Best Practice that many technology companies seem to miss, or complicate matters to increase revenue. Our team is a fan of showing a (potential) customer what they want and require; then show them another 10% of fun stuff, and then implement the basic requirements while adding more bells and whistles after users are ready for it. We understand that end users will be going through a stressful time to “learn a new system” and we certainly do not want to add to that. There is no reason to overwhelm end users with everything the system can do on “Go Live Day”.

T2’s 3CX team has this in mind as we begin working with you and your staff. It is easy to start with required inbound routing, DIDs, IVR, ring groups and/or queues, transfer, conference, and voicemail. Nice and simple for administration and for end users to grasp. As the users’ comfort level increases with the new system, The T2 Team will add more advanced features like Web Conferencing, full Soft Client rollout, provide the user the ability to customize their extensions and their phones (if allowed by leadership). 3CX – it just works. We would invite you or your staff to spend an hour or two researching 3CX and consider it compared to the bigger-named competition. Their version upgrades, maintenance releases, and patches are thoroughly tested. Our experience is that by the time any version upgrades make it to beta testing, that it is already ready for production and is typically released in final version within 2 weeks. Imagine in three years (or five or seven)….your organization determines new hardware is required. All you’ll need to do is swap out the endpoint devices. All logic, infrastructure, and disaster recovery is always up-to-date on the latest license and version, so no forklift of underlying logic is required. Contact Us