Data and Voice

That’s where it all started! We were building the “cloud” before it was even a thing! We were the first in the Denver market to successfully port a 10-digit number, carrier-to-carrier in 1996. Quite candidly, we’ve seen it all and though things are always changing, we are there to keep you ahead of your competitors! We manage, monitor, audit, negotiate, and caretake all of your voice and data services. Call us today for more information and feel free to browse around our site and let us know if you have questions or need some live help! Contact Us


All of T2’s data products are monitored by our 24X7 NOC, and proactive notifications are available for any personnel deemed appropriate. We offer both phone support and email support for any ticketing issues. Since connection-types vary, we determine what is both price- appropriate and service-appropriate and customize the connection for your location. For example, coaxial cable service is sometimes cheap and fast, but we always say…you can’t have cheap, fast, AND good. We help you take what is good about coax and marry it with other connection types so that you have BOTH speed and reliability. Contact us (insert) for more information.


VoIP is all the buzz these days…that’s the good news! The challenge is determining what VoIP means for your company given current network assets, company locations, corporate goals, telecom, datacom, equipment budgets, and existing LAN/WAN infrastructure…not to mention, what do your users actually want? What will they use?

It’s enough to make the Small / Medium Business network manager just stick with what already works. The reality is that there are so many flavors and implementations of VoIP, that there likely is something that will dovetail perfectly with YOUR situation and won’t break the budget.

We know and understand VoIP, manage and offer services from our own cloud-based VoIP Platform, and can implement SIP-based, Soft-Client-based, or managed VoIP devices and interconnections in every US location, and most International markets. We also can use underlying VoIP technology to connect to your existing (analog OR digital) phone system.

When you procure services through T2, you can be assured that the program we implement will exceed your expectations.

VoIP 101:

So… Just what is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol? VoIP is a technology that converts your voice conversation into digital packets and sends them back and forth between the calling parties via the Internet or World Wide Web.

Since VoIP resides in a very fluid environment, it adds considerable flexibility and function. For instance, because the form of transmission is the Internet, you can use your phone or other VoIP device wherever there is adequate Internet access as opposed to traditional “hardwired” or “landline” services that require you to be in one specific place to utilize.

Another great advantage that VoIP has over traditional phone service is that most of the features for which “the phone company” charges big bucks (i.e. Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Etc.) are included in most VoIP packages.

There are also VoIP features that do cost money… But, cutting edge technological advances deliver features never before dreamed of, for example: pay $3.00 per month to have your voicemails automatically converted to text and emailed to you instantly, or $6.99 per month to have “Find Me Follow Me” service that can ring to your predetermined group of numbers either at the same time or in a specific order.

As mentioned above, there are many flavors of VoIP. We offer:

  • Hosted VoIP is where we bundle features and provide switching off our platforms.
  • SIP Trunks is where we provide strictly in/outbound SIP connectivity with no features
  • Origination (inbound-only SIP DID service)
  • Termination (outbound-only SIP service)
  • Connectivity to your traditional system (Key System (analog) or PBX (digital)
  • Analog or PRI- based phone service

With all this crazy new technology out there, it is important to align your VoIP effort with folks that know what they are doing… Enter T2. We have been in business since 1995 offering Voice, Data, and WAN services to everyone from small businesses nationwide to the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Please surf around our site and be sure to let us know if you have questions or would like a quote. Contact Us