When it comes to DR, T2 understands that you CAN DO anything. The question is “should you?” We help define and design DR that is both cost-conscious and service-oriented. Call us today for more information and feel free to browse around our site and let us know if you have questions or need some live help! Contact Us

Depending on the nature of your application, we have several levels of Disaster Avoidance and Disaster Recovery. All of our services are designed with the goal of minimizing downtime for you and your staff in the event of disruptions. These disruptions can be the result of weather, construction, man-made outages (i.e. – fiber cuts or platform outages), or simply staffing issues at your own office and a need to route calls or services to other facilities.

Disaster Recovery in on Data Services:

All of T2’s data products are monitored by our 24X7 NOC, and proactive notifications are available for any personnel deemed appropriate. We offer both phone support and email support for any ticketing issues. Since connection-types vary, we determine what is both price-appropriate and service-appropriate and customize the connection for your location. For example, coaxial cable service is sometimes cheap and fast, but we always say…you can’t have cheap, fast, AND good. We help you take what is good about coax and marry it with other connection types so that you have BOTH speed and reliability. When that large-scale outage impacting your office park does occur … which it will … we’ll see to it that the impact is minimized and get you and your staff back in operation as quickly as possible

Voice Disaster Recovery for our 3CX PBX Customers

T2 understands that in the scheme of disaster recovery, you CAN DO almost anything…but you need to be realistic about the costs and benefits of increased availability. If you have a need for a VERY HIGH availability PBX for your office, we have a plan! This solution was developed for a nearby City Government. We can install two PBX instances for each major facility. One PBX is the PRIMARY while the other is the SECONDARY. PRIMARY performs an automated backup routine on scheduled intervals – this is a full system backup including all configurations, recordings, and recorded voicemails. SECONDARY restores said backup file in failover mode. SECONDARY makes heartbeat checks on PRIMARY to verify it is alive. Upon keep alive check failure, SECONDARY goes into failover mode, automatically sends FQDN updates notification to 3CX FQDN Manager, and SECONDARY becomes new PRIMARY. This is performed on a 5-minute DNS TTL setting.


  • Active Enterprise licensing
  • Both PBX’s onsite
  • Upon install of the system, use built-in 3CX FQDN
  • Provisioning of phones uses FQDN instead of IP
  • Separate publicly NAT’d IP addresses for each PBX instance

Detailed information about this functionality can be found at https://www.3cx.com/docs/failover/.

Additional Disaster Recovery Measures

In addition to the above two PBX install plan and configuration, T2 Technologies also will implement tertiary and optional quaternary PBX solutions in case of major disaster and/or network, SIP, other dial tones, or unforeseen outages.


T2 Technologies will install a tiny workstation at all sensitive locations. This will be used for remote support, administration, and monitoring. This workstation will also receive a copy of the backup files from the local PRIMARY PBX. In case of full failure of both PRIMARY and SECONDARY PBX instances at a site, engineers will use this workstation to build a brand new 3CX installation on-the-fly. This procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

Due to the high-stress nature of getting to this tertiary DR procedure, T2 Technologies would be delighted to demonstrate the speed at which this procedure can be executed before, during, or after our negotiations with your organization.


In the unforeseen even of the network, Internet, SIP, other dial tones, or some other complete disaster, our customers can elect to have T2 Technologies provide a fourth option for an outage scenario as an externally hosted solution.

If elected, T2 Technologies will host Disaster Recovery PBX’s in our data center in Inverness. This will be two live and functioning PBX’s in case of a grave outage. These installs will provide a pre-determined number of preconfigured extensions for skeleton usage via 3CX soft client for iOS (iPhone or iPad), Android, Windows, and MacOS in addition to the associated WebClient.

Extensions and call logic would mirror the production environments, on a much smaller scale. In case of such an outage, specified your DID’s would be forwarded to appropriate DID’s homed on these PBX’s. Users would connect their client to the PBX and work as effectively as possible during the full-blown, tri-level outage.