T2’s goal is to make the experience of running technology for prison personnel a breeze! Easier administration interface, less time spent managing technology, and better return on investment. We run, manage and monitor our Inmate Communication services 24 X 7 X 365. Call us today for more information and feel free to browse around our site and let us know if you have questions or need some live help! Contact Us

Communication for Prison Systems

T2 understands that keeping incarcerated individuals in touch with their families is a cornerstone of rehabilitation. We also understand that prison personnel find little time to both successfully manage their population AND their technology platforms. That’s where T2 comes in! T2’s Prison Services is comprised of our hybridized platform including rock-solid IP, reliable premise-based network infrastructure, 24X7 Network Monitoring and support via live personnel in Milwaukee and Chicago, VoIP processing software, call accounting and password management.  We are agnostic on your equipment; whether you think tablets, old-school analog phones, VoIP Phones, traditional PBX platforms, kiosks, computers, or hand-held devices best serve your population….we’ll make it work! We are well-familiar with customizing the interface and the solution to ensure it meets the guidelines you have internally in your organization.

T2’s system is entirely VoIP-based (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Our administration system is web-based, making day-to-day operations simple. Our service includes:

  • One Touch Call Acceptance
    Friends and family can accept inmate communications with the press of one
  • Voicemail From Inmates
    Inmates can create and send voicemails to their families.
  • Multiple Deposit Methods
    Friends and family can deposit inmate funds online via a variety of methodologies.
  • The Most Connections
    T2 supports calls to all North American Dialing Plan Numbers (every 10-digit number in North America!), International numbers, and even Skype and Google Voice.
  • Fair Call Pricing
    We understand that the last thing inmates or their families need are to be raked over the coals by greedy telephone companies. T2’s pricing is more than conscionable – we understand that communications with friends and family is part of the road to rehabilitation!
  • We are agnostic on the endpoint equipment you deploy
    Phone calls over tablets, analog phones, VoIP Phones, handheld devices. existing payphone infrastructure… we can use what you have OR deploy new equipment. To us, since the solution is “in the cloud”, our solution doesn’t require a complete forklift of existing premise equipment. Our hand-off at your location can be customized to interface with any equipment.